Join us for our Outreach Learning Panel

Panelists will engage the audience with their knowledge, experience, and expertise in doing outreach work. In order to effectively engage with people who use drugs, it is important to understand the reasons behind and social context of drug use. This means we must be able to have healthy dialogue with people who use drugs. We also need to build a trusting relationship with participants because of that stigma. We will also discuss different strategies to engage other community stakeholders, such as local businesses and faith based institutions, to provide additional support for your program and its participants.

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Meet Your Instructor

Sal Corbin

MaHRTI Coordinator

Sal Corbin worked for 15 years in academia as a psychology professor before transitioning to nonprofit work. He has done workforce development training and program management and is now a training coordinator for the Maryland Harm Reduction Institute. His vision is to help others build and maintain healthy relationships, with conflict transformation as the primary focus. His extensive background in leadership facilitation supports his efforts to keep showing up and sharing.