Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Learning Objectives

    • Content Warning

    • Drug Values Clarification Pre-Survey

    • Pre-Test

  • 2

    Why do people use drugs?

    • Reflection: Why do people use drugs?

    • Why people use drugs

    • Drug, Set, and Setting

    • Spectrum of Psychoactive Drug Use

    • Potential Harms Facing People Who Use Drugs

    • Contributing Factors Resulting in Harms for PWUD

  • 3

    Stages of Change

    • Stages of Change

    • Why Harm Reduction?!

  • 4

    What is Harm Reduction?

    • What is harm reduction?

    • How do you define "harm reduction"?

    • Harm reduction, the Interventions

    • Harm Reduction, the Movement

    • What Harm Reduction is NOT!

    • Harm Reduction in a Nutshell

  • 5

    Harm Reduction Principles

    • Introduction

    • Harm Reduction Principles

    • Any Positive Change

    • Reflection: Harm Reduction Principles

  • 6

    Harm Reduction in Practice

    • History of Harm Reduction

    • Dan Bigg, Overdose Warrior

    • Harm Reduction Interventions

    • Harm Reduction Programs

    • Harm Reduction Tips for Providers

  • 7


    • Drug Values Clarification Post-Survey

    • Post-Test

    • Harm Reduction 101 Feedback

    • Harm Reduction 101 Feedback

    • Conclusion


Rae Elkasabany

MaHRTI Coordinator

Rae Elkasabany graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor's degree in Biology and Spanish. She has six years' experience working in direct outreach harm reduction, drug policy reform advocacy, and harm reduction education through the public health nonprofit DanceSafe. Rae has also worked as a science educator for over seven years before joining the Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute in 2020. Her favorite harm reduction topics to discuss are drug pharmacology and drug checking.